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The incredible amount that Google and Microsoft will invest to shield the US from hackers

After a meeting with President Joe Biden, Google and Microsoft promised to invest a total of $30 billion in cybersecurity advancements over the next five years. Google promised 10 billion dollars, while Microsoft has assured that it will invest 20 billion of the US currency.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said on Twitter that 150 million of that money will be used to expand Microsoft's training network and help US government agencies update their digital security systems . The White House described that particular investment as follows: "Microsoft will immediately make $ 150 million in technical services available (to the State) to help federal, state and local governments improve security protection, and will expand partnerships with community colleges and nonprofit organizations for cybersecurity training."

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Meanwhile, Google will focus on extending the zero-trust security model , securing the software supply chain, developing open source security, and offering more training opportunities to Americans. Specifically, Google said it will help 100,000 Americans over the next three years earn Google career certificates in the fields of cybersecurity.

Facebook could advise on future elections in different countries

Facebook is considering forming a commission to advise on thorny issues related to elections around the world (places as disparate as Hungary, Brazil, Germany or the Philippines could be in the app's sights), at least according to Engadget. The company has begun reaching out to academics and policy experts, who, according to The Times, could influence issues ranging from political advertisements to electoral misinformation.

At first glance, the commission looks a lot like Facebook's Oversight Board, an independent panel of journalists, academics, and activists often described as a "Supreme Court" tasked with reviewing Facebook's policies. The Oversight Board is perhaps best known for defending Facebook's decision to veto Donald Trump on its platform, although since its formation last year it also appears that they are going to pass judgment on hate speech, how politicians should be treated. usually; content moderation in Myanmar after the coup; moderation by algorithms; and an adequate treatment of the content of the satire.

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But while the makeup of the electoral commission is very reminiscent of the Oversight Board, and could similarly allow Facebook to sidestep ownership of controversial decisions, there could be an important difference. While the Oversight Board intervenes in decisions that Facebook has already made (much like the Supreme Court considers contested court rulings), the electoral commission would be free to proactively offer advice, even on matters Facebook has not yet made. has taken a public stance.

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