WhatsApp Renews Voice Messages || You Can Listen To Them Before Sending

Surely it has happened to you at some time: you record a voice message on WhatsApp , send it and it turns out that you do not hear anything because the microphone was not active or because you were wearing headphones and you have not spoken close enough or because the mobile has simply failed.

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Luckily, WhatsApp will implement the function of being able to listen to a voice message before sending it in the next version of the app. At the moment, it can only be tested in the beta version, but many Android users have already received it and say that it works well.


The change in the way we record and send voice messages is greater than one might expect. Until now, you had to press and hold the button on the recorder to send the message, or slide it up to remove your finger from it.

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With the new version of WhatsApp, when pressing the record message button, a space is displayed in which the sound waves of the message that we are recording are displayed and three buttons appear below: one to erase the sound, another to listen to it and finally another to send it to our contact.

The changes do not stop there. Since there is a line of sound waves, it is possible to hear a specific part of the audio, and not the entire message, by sliding your finger over it.

If you want to use these improvements now, you will have to access a beta version of Android or iOS , but since it is already available in the public beta, it should not take much longer to reach the phones of all users.


WhatsApp has included a multitude of new features in recent months, from an option to send messages when you have no battery to the possibility of using the same account on a multitude of devices at the same time.

What the application seeks is not to be left behind with respect to the competition, because between criticisms of its operation, Facebook (which is the owner company) and the somewhat cloudy future that is emerging, many people have opted to make the leap to Telegram or Signal.

In the future months, it is expected that WhatsApp will receive updates that allow, among other things, to use it from the iPad, send money in the style of Bizum or even have an encrypted backup in the cloud.

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