USA Court Suspends Tik-Tok Ban From November 12

A US court has suspended the government's ban on China's short video sharing application TikTok on November 12 next month.

Earlier, the court also suspended the US government's ban on downloading Tik Tok in the US from September 27.

The U.S. Department of Commerce has banned tuck talk downloads since mid-September following instructions from President Donald Trump, and has ordered a complete ban on the U.S. from November 12.

However, a court in Washington had earlier suspended the download orders of Tik Tok on September 28 and now a court in Pennsylvania has also suspended the orders of the US government regarding the closure of the Chinese application.

The news agency Reuters said in its report that the Pennsylvania district court suspended the ban orders on November 12 Tik-Tok of the Commerce Department.

In its summary judgment, the court suspended all orders regarding the Commerce Department's ban on tik-tok talk.

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The court said the ban on tik-tok would affect more than 100 million US users who use the app on a daily basis.

The Commerce Department and the US government did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The final verdict in the Tik oak case is expected to be announced after the US election.

TikTok has filed a lawsuit against its closure in the District of Columbia, Washington, which in September suspended the US government's decision to ban the downloading of TikTok.

TikTok also hinted at working with two US companies, Oracle and Wal-Mart, for better deals in the United States.

The US government wants US tik-tok data and tick-tacking issues related to the US to be viewed from the US.

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That's why the US president threatened Tik Tok in August to sell his US assets to a US company, otherwise Tik Tok would be banned in the US.

Tik Tok hinted at working with Oracle and Wal-Mart in the US only after threats from the US president and government crackdowns, but no final agreement has yet been reached between the three companies.

But it is thought that the issue of whether or not to ban tik-tok in the United States will be resolved after the November 3 US election.

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