Facebook Monitors your Web Activity || Learn How To Stop

Did you know that Facebook is aware of every website you visit on the Internet?

In fact, if you're not using a privacy feature of Facebook Activity that Facebook introduced a few months ago, start taking advantage of it now.

This feature allows you to view and control the data of apps and websites that share user activity with Facebook.

This feature can be used to clear the history of apps and websites whose data is shared by social networking sites with third party apps.

Similarly, it is possible to turn off Facebook activity for the future, which will tell Facebook not to share your account details with anyone else, or to select companies to protect your data from so that targeted ads To avoid

How does this feature work?

Using Facebook Business Tools, you can see what apps and websites can send information about you to Facebook.

From there, you can clear off your account details and turn off Facebook activity.

To do this, go to Settings and Privacy and go to Settings and then your Facebook Information and then Off Facebook Activity.

Clicking on this option will bring up a list of all the websites and apps that Facebook tracks when you are not using Facebook.

In fact, looking at this list you will be amazed at how much information Facebook has about your online activities.

This Facebook list also lists how often and when you visited a website and clicking on a name will tell you how the company came to know about it and what it did with that information.

There you can set off the Facebook activity to your liking, clear the entire history and turn off any type of activity in the future of the account.

If you want to clear this data, there will be a Clear History button at the top, which when clicked will warn you that by doing so, you may be logged out of the services in which you use Facebook. Are logged in.

And yes, this data will be disconnected from your account and will not be completely deleted from Facebook servers, Facebook said in August last year.

What happens when you turn off?

When you clear history with this tool, Facebook removes your identity details from apps and websites that share data.

When this happens, Facebook is unable to know which websites you are visiting or what you are viewing, so targeted ads do not appear on those sites.

What else can you do?

If you want to see what ads appear on Facebook or not, go to Ad Preferences in Settings on your phone or desktop.

There in the Advertisers and Businesses section you can see the companies that can show ads to Facebook according to your details.

Select any company there and select the donut option, so you will not be able to see the advertisements of that company.

In addition, you can turn off ads based on partners' data, ads based on Facebook Company Products Activity by going to Ad Settings.

However, by doing so, your data will remain with the company and the same number of ads will appear as before.

Off-Facebook activity is the best way to delete data.

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