'Instagram is constantly using your phone's camera'

There is no doubt that most social media platforms and mobile apps spy on users while Facebook and Instagram are known to monitor users' conversations.

Social media platforms have always denied that they spy on users' data.

US company Apple has given its beta version to developers for testing before launching its new operating system iOS 14.

In the process, users have noticed that Instagram is constantly accessing their camera, whether they are using the camera on Instagram or not.

In other words, the Facebook app Instagram is involved in spying on users without their consent.

Following the news, Instagram acknowledged that its app was using a camera, but claimed that there was a "bug" that it would fix in a new app update.

Instagram says we only get access to your camera when you tell us we've found a bug in iOS that will be fixed soon.

On the other hand, iOS 14 beta has also improved the privacy, after which if any app is accessing users' data, the device will immediately inform the user.

That's why this spy of Instagram has been caught, but it has not been confirmed yet whether this is also happening in the app of Android phones or not.

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