Introduces screen sharing feature for Facebook Messenger mobile apps

Photo Courtesy of Facebook

The Facebook Messenger mobile app now introduces a video chat screen sharing feature.

According to a statement issued by Facebook, this video sharing feature of Messenger video calls has been added in iOS and Android mobile apps.

It will no longer require web or desktop apps.

When a screen is shared during a Messenger video call, users can scroll through the camera roll with their friends or surf social media together.

Facebook expects this to be an interesting feature that will help users connect with their friends and family.

Facebook users can also share the screen with 16 people in Messenger rooms on the web and desktop, which will soon be increased from 16 to 50, while the user is also being given more control over the screen.

The screen sharing feature will also be available for workplace rooms.

The Messenger Rooms feature was introduced by the company in May this year and is available to users around the world.

The Messenger Room can video chat with up to 50 people at a time and is a zoom-like video chat tool that has been introduced around the world in the wake of the Corona virus epidemic, which has seen an increase in video calls.

There is no time limit for video chats in the Messenger Room and people can be a part of any chat on any phone or computer without the need for a Facebook account.

According to Facebook, some steps have been taken to protect privacy in the messenger room.

Messenger room makers can lock this room or chat to prevent unwanted people from being part of it, as well as remove or block people from chatting and report users for violating Facebook's rules.

The company said that whether you use the Messenger Room with a Facebook account or be a part of it as a guest, we cannot listen to or watch audio or video calls.

Facebook said more features will be added to Messenger Rooms in the coming months and it is expected to give people around the world the opportunity to connect with their loved ones online.

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