Google announces major changes to Gmail

Photo courtesy of Google

Google has announced a redesign of its most popular service, Gmail, to compete with Slack and Microsoft.

After this redesign, the e-mail service will be able to support chat and other tasks with office colleagues as well.

For this purpose, other Google services such as Google Docs, Drive and Calendar will be combined in one place while the new Gmail design will have 4 tabs in front of the user including Mail, Chat, Met for Video Calling and Rooms. Will

Gmail's new feature rooms are similar to Slack Rooms, where people in an office will be able to work together in real time.

In the Google version, people will be able to edit chat, file swipe and Google Docs without having to switch tabs.

These major changes to Gmail come at a time when businesses around the world are focusing on working from home due to the Corona virus epidemic.

Companies are closing their offices and relying on different software so that employees can work together from home.

Google added the Mate button to Gmail in April to allow people to use the video conferencing service for free, adding 3 million new users a day in April alone.

After the update in Gmail, some other features like snoozing notifications, assigning tasks and don't disturb filters will also be introduced.

The redesign is currently being tested by Google in a few companies and it has now decided to introduce the service next month.

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