Watch phones, laptops and games on a 200-inch screen with augmented reality glasses!

Be aware that augmented reality lenses are undergoing a new revolution and now with just a few simple lenses, phones, laptops, game consoles can be viewed virtually in front of the eyes up to a 200-inch screen in 3D. 

If you're still not surprised, this lens can display drone footage directly on an eight-meter screen.

This project is being called the most amazing invention of the virtual world. In 2019, it was introduced by the American company Dream World for internet funding (crowdfunding) and it became the fastest funded project in the history of Indigo website in the field of augmented reality with a financial support of 3,000. People have done.

Whether it's a laptop or a phone, we watch digital content and movies on them, but they have their own limitations, now you can watch 3D videos on a 200-inch screen with just one lens in a hands-free style. Then with the advent of 5G, phones and other devices have been able to carry and display more data.
Called the world's first manual and personalized four-augmented reality system designed for the whole family. Thanks to the plug-and-play system, you can see all the contents of a smartphone, tablet, game console, desktop, laptop and other devices on a screen right in front of your eyes. Even people sitting around don't realize it and you can view video calls and other information anywhere in private.

Watch DreamGlass on Facebook, TikTok and Instagram in 3D on a 6 meter wide virtual screen or play a game full of carnage. Be sure to watch the video below to learn more about this important invention.

An educational gift

Thanks to this lens, children can study in online classes and learn in 3D environment through virtual reality. That's why it has a special blue light filter to protect the eyes.

All videos and content can be viewed at UHD resolution thanks to the lens. The lens is designed to start with just one click and take you into a digital world full of beautiful colors. Anyone who has seen for a while, has gone mad.

Dream Glass is priced at $379.

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