Cutting this New Material is Almost Impossible

Bring the world's best saws, cutters and modern tools, the new material developed by American and German experts will definitely make them useless because it is impossible to cut and break

The substance is called protease, which is made from grapefruit and grapefruit instead of diamonds and other hard ingredients. It is jointly developed by the University of Durham in the United Kingdom and the Freunhofer Institute in Germany. The shell of the shell, which is made of this revolutionary material, is known to have no injuries or cracks.

To make the protease, aluminum rounds were placed inside the metal foam structure, followed by small alumina tablets. Thus, whenever an attempt is made to cut them with a cutter, they return the same energy to it. Now either the blade of the cutter is destroyed or it is repeatedly stopped by the opposing force. Whether you use a sharp stream of water, bring a drill machine or a motorized cutter, you will be upset but this substance will not split in two. 

"Cutting this material is like cutting a grain-filled jelly," said a statement on the Durham University website. As soon as the saw or drill hits the machine grains, they vibrate which reaches the tip or cutter of the drill and this reaction makes it impossible to cut the material.

Just as a bullet cannot pass through a sand-filled whole, so no material can cut through this material. May be.

The first lesson in its preparation is taken from nature. Oyster shells and grapefruit peels were observed for months to make proteases. They are both very light and keep their contents safe. In the same way, there is very little breakage on the surface of both.

Now, if one wants to make a hole in the water by hitting it with a sharp edge, it will be of no use because the water will spread as soon as it enters it and its strength will decrease. Although an angle grinder can be used to break it, it will require a lot of equipment and a lot of strength.

When it comes to the use of proteases, they can be used to make locks, bulletproof jackets, protective clothing and cut-off devices for experiments.

The video below can also be seen as evidence.

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