Twitter System Hacked, Tweet to Collect Bitcoin from the Accounts of Influential People of the World

Twitter says hackers have gained access to its internal systems to access to the world's most influential figures on social media platforms, including US presidential candidate Joe Biden, TV star Kim Kardashian, former US President Barack Obam. 

Account used to obtain digital cryptocurrency.

According to a report by the foreign news agency Reuters, Twitter said that employees who have access to the internal system have been targeted by hackers or who have gained control over known (including verified) accounts and their Tweeted by

"We are looking into what other activities the hackers have carried out or obtained and we will inform the public as soon as we know more," the company said.

He then took the unusual step of temporarily blocking at least a few verified accounts from publishing messages for several hours.

The company said it would restore access once it was sure it could do so safely.

As per Block chain records show that the alleged scammers acquired cryptocurrencies worth more than 100,000 million of dollars.

Chief executive Jack Dorsey had earlier said the company was assessing the issue and would "share everything once it is fully understood".

"Twitter is the hardest day for us, we are all ashamed of this incident," he said in a Twitter message.

Shares of twitter company fell 5% in the market during the trade.

Within hours of the initial security breach, the platform's biggest users appeared to be struggling to regain control of their accounts.

For example, in the case of billionaire Tesla's chief executive Elon Musk, the tweet was removed, followed by a second tweet and then a third.

Rapper Kanye West, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, investor Warren Buffett, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, and Uber and Apple's corporate accounts.

In addition, several accounts of corrupt currency companies were also hijacked.

In all accounts had millions of followers.

This incident has raised questions about Twitter's cyber security.

"It's clear the company isn't doing enough to protect itself," said Orion Falcottz, former CEO of Area 1 Security.

The hacker requested money through an account called Bitcoin Address Crypto for Life, and as long as the account was online, more than 100,000 millions of dollars  was transferred to it. this account was registered on Twitter and had millions of followers.

The hacker's attack on Twitter, the administration took action and began the process of removing the tweets. According to the administration, the account has been permanently closed and according to the preliminary investigation, the attack was carried out by a single person. Was done by

It should be noted that the current incident is unique in that the accounts of a large number of well-known individuals and companies have been hacked simultaneously and on a large scale.

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