Spy Technology: Head Of Maker Of Spy Software Pegasus Resigns

The Israeli IT company NSO, which produces the spy software Pegasus, wants to reorganize itself. The boss and founder, Shalev Hulio, is stepping down.

The boss of the Israeli technology company NSO, which produces the controversial spy software Pegasus , is resigning. NSO co-founder Shalev Hulio is leaving his post as part of a restructuring, a company spokesman said. Employees reported that 100 employees are also to be laid off, around 13 percent of NSO's staff.

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NSO announced that Hulio will be replaced by the previous director of operations, Yaron Shohat, who will also lead the reorganization process. The indebted company wants to focus on the NATO member states as customers in the future. The Pegasus software from the Israeli manufacturer NSO is able to read all data from mobile phones attacked with it. In addition, Pegasus can switch on the camera and microphone of the respective device unnoticed. According to the company, the software will only be sold to government agencies to track down criminals and terrorists, and the sale must be approved by the Israeli government.

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However, research by 17 international media last year revealed that Pegasus had been used to monitor the phones of hundreds of journalists, politicians and human rights activists in various countries, including authoritarian countries such as Saudi Arabia. In response to the Pegasus scandal, the US government blacklisted NSO Group last year.

According to NSO co-founder Hulio, the restructuring is intended to prepare for the company's "next phase of growth". He assured NSO's technologies would "continue to help save lives around the world." His successor Shohat said NSO will ensure that the company's technologies are "used for lawful and appropriate purposes".

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