If Your Galaxy Breaks, Samsung Will Also Let You Fix It At Home

Samsung is letting owners of some Galaxy phones do small repairs at home, like replacing a broken screen or replacing a charger port.

It is a measure similar to the one that companies like Apple or Microsoft have implemented in recent years and that represents a 180-degree turn in an industry accustomed to designing increasingly compact and lightweight phones, but also less accessible and without the possibility of extension. Samsung will rely on the iFixit repair company to sell the necessary tools and offer video tutorials that guide the user through the different steps to repair a device and the program is offered in addition to the company's usual technical service, which will continue to be active. 

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At first, however, your repair options will be limited. Only parts for the Galaxy S20 and S21 and the Galaxy Tab S7 Plus tablet will be sold. The most modern phones and those with the most complex design, such as the folding screen Galaxy Fold, do not allow repairs. Screens, chargers, and back covers appear in the parts catalog available for phones., but not batteries, which is one of the components that tends to lose efficiency over time and should be changed after a few years.

The prices are similar to those that would be paid in an official technical service . In the US, for example, a new screen for an S21 Ultra will cost $232. The company has confirmed that in the future it will expand the components and models that will be able to benefit from the home repair program.

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In addition to this new service, Samsung has started to test in South Korea a new functionality for the phones that will be called "Repair Mode". This is a locking system that will allow you to send your phone to a repair center without having to worry about removing personal information from the device. With the mode activated, technicians will not have access to messages, photos and other sensitive information.

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