This Will Be PlayStation Stars, The Free Loyalty Program That Redeems Points For Games

Through PlayStation Stars, players will be able to earn prizes for completing various activities once they have signed up. Sony has introduced PlayStation Stars, a new loyalty program with which users can accumulate prizes for playing.

It is a service that will be available soon, totally free, through which players can win prizes for completing different campaigns and activities once they have registered , as detailed by the company. Some of these campaigns, with monthly participation, only require playing a game to receive a prize, while others will force players to win tournaments or get certain trophies of certain titles.

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Other notable PlayStation Stars prizes are the so-called 'Digital Collectibles'. These are digital representations of characteristic elements of the console universe, such as iconic characters and devices that are part of the company's history. By completing these activities, PlayStation Stars members will receive loyalty points, which can be redeemed in a catalog that will include funds for the PlayStation Network wallet and certain products from PlayStation Store.

As an added bonus, members of the PlayStation Plus subscription service who sign up for this loyalty program will automatically earn points when shopping on the brand's digital store, PlayStation Store.

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"We hope that this new program will make you remember old games while you look forward to the future of PlayStation," said Sony, who has anticipated that "the program will continue to evolve over time."

PlayStation Stars is in the testing phase, its global launch will take place by region throughout this year and, at the moment, it is unknown when it will be available to all users.

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