Apple Breaks Off Relationship With Designer Jony Ive

The creator had developed the aesthetics of the stores, iPod, translucent iMac or the Apple Watch.

Apple has put an end to the era of Jony Ive, the designer who helped create some of the company's most iconic products, such as the iPod and the translucent iMac. The company will no longer use the consulting services of LoveFrom, the firm that Ive created when he left Apple in 2019. The break, according to the New York Times citing internal sources, has been by mutual agreement. The initial consultancy contract with LoveForm gave Apple a veto over other potential clients for Ive's company.

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The purpose of this clause was to prevent Ive from working for direct competitors of the brand, but as LoveFrom has grown, it has become an uncomfortable condition. Apple, for its part, also harbors some resentment toward Ive's company. After paying more than $100 million for a multi-year contract, he has watched as part of his internal design team defected to join his former designer's studio. In 2019, Tim Cook, president of Apple, assured that Ive's vision would continue to carry weight in Apple products for many years, but in the end that "many" has translated into three.

Ive was by far one of the best-known executives within Apple and the one with the closest personal relationship with company founder Steve Jobs.

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Along with him, he created some of Apple's best-known products, from the translucent iMac and the iPod, two products that rescued Apple from oblivion at the beginning of the century, to the Earpods -the famous white headphones of the iPod and the iPhone, or the own aesthetics of the company's stores.

Also the Apple Watch, which he launched in 2015 and which, according to company sources, was the one that made him rethink his future within Apple. The design process was more complex than initially expected and sales of the first version were lower than expected. Ive's idea of ​​creating luxury versions of the product, with gold and silver straps, was met with poor reception and demonstrated the increasingly divergent line between Cook's vision for Apple's future, centered on operations and services, and Apple's vision for Apple's future. of Ive, who was looking for a greater prominence of the products.

His last big job at Apple was the interior design of Apple Park, the company's gleaming new headquarters in Cupertino, which Ive threw himself into despite only working part-time at Apple since 2015.

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