Supergrouper, The Latest From Spotify To Create Your Own Bands

The company wants to allow users to join singers and musicians in groups.

Spotify has launched a new feature called Supergrouper, an in-app experience that allows users to create fictional bands of artists included in its catalog and assign them a role within the group. The company has presented this service announcing that, with it, it seeks to offer all possible alternatives so that users have the opportunity to join singers and musicians in groups. Once the members of these have been decided, they will be able to make them public and share them "with friends and other fans," as he pointed out.

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To achieve this, it has implemented a tool with which users can combine artists from disparate genres and eras and experiment with their sounds or their voices, to create a unique band. In it they can coincide, for example, living contemporary artists and others who have already died or singers who have not previously made an official collaboration, for example, Mariah Carey and Maluma.


To access this option, users must have the latest platform update downloaded on their mobile device and visit the Supergrouper option. Then, they will be able to select the artists they consider according to their roles in the group, that is, the leader or the lyricist, among other functions.

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Those who prefer not to assign a specific role to these artists, will be able to choose the random mode that this service already proposes, with which Spotify selects musicians and singers in a personalized way and according to the listening habits of each user.

Next, a specific name is added to the new group and, once created, Supergrouper will create a personalized playlist that will include songs from all the artists that are part of the band. Likewise, users will be able to share their musical creation through social networks.

Spotify has announced that this integrated music streaming and podcast platform experience is currently only available in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines.

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