Sony Jumps Into PC Gamer Accessory Market

It will sell monitors and headphones with the aesthetics of the latest Playstation.

In the world of electronic entertainment, Sony needs no introduction. Its PlayStation console is the best-selling on the market and has a long list of titles with million-seller sales. But the video game market is very large and PlayStation only represents a part of the potential audience for the products, so the Japanese company has decided to launch a new brand . Inzone, to sell gaming accessories with a broader focus and targeting PC gamers.

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Five products are responsible for inaugurating the new brand and all have an aesthetic that complements that of the company's latest console. The H3, H7 and H9 are three gaming headsets and the M3 and M9 are two high-performance monitors that can be used either connected to a PC or Mac or to a PlayStation (or an Xbox, for those looking to bridge the two great rivals of digital entertainment).

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The headphones take advantage of many of the advancements that Sony builds into its audio products. The H3 are the most basic and work with cable. The H7 and H9 can also work wirelessly and in the latter case they come equipped with the same ambient noise cancellation technology that Sony uses in the WH-1000XM5. All three support surround sound and the prices range from 100 euros in the case of the H3 to 300 euros for the H9.

The monitors are supported by a tripod-shaped foot that allows the inclination and height of the screen to be varied and both are 27 inches in size.

The main difference between the M3 and the M9 is that the former has Full HD resolution and 240 Hz refresh rate while the M9 offers 4K at 144 Hz. Both have a response time of less than 1 ms (important for avoid trails in fast-moving images) and in the case of the M9 there is also a light that can change color to add ambience to the game space.

The M9 is already available for a price of 1,099 euros and the M3 will arrive in the coming months at a price not yet confirmed.

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