Inflation Does Not Forgive Intel, Which Will Raise The Prices Of Its Processors This Year

The pressure on manufacturers is also high, as they have to deal with higher energy costs and wages.

All signs point in the same direction: the price of computers will rise significantly in the second half of the year. The blame lies with inflation, which affects all sectors, but also with the high demand for semiconductors and the strength of the dollar. Together they have created a perfect storm that will send the price of PCs and Macs skyrocketing.

And at the center of this rise will, in fact, be some of the critical components of these PCs, such as CPUs and communications chips. Intel, the largest manufacturer of this type of component, has begun to inform its large customers that it will have to raise the price of its products between 10% and 20%, due to the higher cost of materials, energy and personnel. of their factories. It won't be the only one. TSMC, the world's largest chipmaker, and responsible for making Apple 's M1 and M2 processors among others, has also started asking for 20% more for chip production.

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Although the costs do not have to automatically translate into a 20% rise in the price of final products, the pressure on manufacturers is also high, since they have to face higher costs in energy and wages and generally operate on margins. very low profit on each product sold.

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Some forces that could help counteract this rise, in any case. The price of memory, for example, skyrocketed during the pandemic but has recently started to decline. The same goes for graphics cards. The fall of cryptocurrencies has released some of the pressure that existed on demand, since these types of components are essential for mining Bitcoin and other currencies.

Even so, most analysts expect the price of computers and phones to increase this year, in which demand will also be weak. The pandemic and remote working skyrocketed PC sales two years ago, but now, with relatively new equipment, few households are willing to spend money on a PC.

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