Google Takes Its New Augmented Reality Glasses Out Of The Laboratory

During the month of August, Google engineers around the world will begin using them in public.

Last April marked a decade since the announcement of Google Glass glasses, Google's first step in augmented reality. The glasses had a huge media impact but little commercial travel. They are still for sale - the latest model was launched in 2019 - but only for industrial applications.

But Google has not thrown in the towel and is already preparing a new bet. During the last developer fair, Google IO showed a small preview of advanced glasses that look ordinary but will be able to display text on the glass month of August, Google engineers around the world will begin using them in public. "This will allow us to better understand how these devices can help people in their daily lives," explains Juston Payne, who is responsible for the development team of this new device.

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Google has created these glasses with specific applications in mind. One of them, for example, is real-time translation. Those who wear them will be able to see what another person is saying in their native language. Google already offers this function as an app for smartphones, but it forces you to look away from the other person and makes conversations less natural. Another function for these glasses will be orientation in cities. They will be able to show the step-by-step instructions to reach the destination.

These prototypes will include screens, microphones, and cameras, but will have limitations on how they can be used. Unlike Google Glass, for example, these new glasses do not allow you to take photos or record videos. The cameras are used only to translate the menu of a restaurant or a poster and the microphones to listen to the person with whom you are speaking and offer the translation.

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"We're still getting started and we want to get it right, so we're going to take it slow, with a strong focus on ensuring the privacy of those who use it and those around them," Payne said. Google has not yet announced when they will be available as a commercial product.

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