Microsoft Is Discontinuing Internet Explorer After 27 Years

Many users surfed the Internet for the first time with the Microsoft browser. Anyone who clicks in the future will be redirected to the successor Microsoft Edge.

After 27 years, the US software company Microsoft has officially discontinued the Internet Explorer web browser. "Internet Explorer (IE) is officially retired and will no longer receive support as of today," Microsoft said in a blog post. The internet has evolved and so have the web browsers available.

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"The incremental improvements to Internet Explorer didn't match the overall improvements across the web, so we started again," it said. There will be no more updates for the browser. If you click on it, you will be redirected to Microsoft Edge, which is intended to replace Internet Explorer. 

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On Twitter, many users said goodbye to Internet Explorer in a humorous way. "You took a long time to download stuff, you kept freezing and got replaced by other browsers pretty easily," wrote one user using the hashtag ripinternetexplorer. "But here goes one of the first browsers I ever used and I have a lot of good memories thanks to it."

The first version of Internet Explorer was released in 1995, and numerous people surfed the Internet with the Microsoft browser for the first time. With the advancement of other browsers, Explorer was considered slow and prone to technical problems.

In the early 2000s, Internet Explorer still had a market share of 90 percent. However, success has continued to decline in recent years. According to the analysis website Statcounter, Google Chrome is the most used web browser today with a market share of almost 65 percent. 

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