Apple Wants To Integrate A Camera In Its Apple Watch

The technology company is considering two options: on the digital crown or on the back.

Apple is working to integrate a camera into its Apple Watch devices in two different ways: one on the smartwatch's digital crown and one on the back.

This first option also includes an image sensor that can be configured both to capture a photo and to detect the rotational movement of the dial. The other option that Apple puts on the table is to incorporate the camera on the back of its watch module. To prevent the wrist from preventing the user from taking pictures, those from Cupertino propose that the module be either removable through an integrated mechanism or that it can be removed from the wrist together with the strap.

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This rear camera also incorporates an image sensor and a 'flash', which can be used in the same way by applications related to the user's health and include, among other capabilities, heart monitoring. The United States Patent and Trademark Office has been in charge of granting the patent to those from Cupertino, according to the blog that focuses on Apple's latest intellectual property, Patently Apple.

Among the authors of the patent, the name of Tyler S. Bushnell stands out, precisely one of the promoters of the redesign of the digital crown that the Apple Watch incorporates in response to the one that integrates analog watches.


Apple has registered another patent, but related to physiological and contact sensing functions under the title 'Contact force sensing in relation to a user-carried electronic device'.

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The technology proposes an electronic device that includes, in addition to the strap and its module, a force sensor integrated in the latter. This produces a signal based on the pressure exerted between the user's wrist and the 'body' of the device. A processing unit receives this signal and determines the force exerted to resolve the adjustment of the strap, in addition to providing information about its health to the user, among other actions.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office has already granted Apple a patent registered in the third quarter of 2016 and published by the agency in June 2019, as Patently Apple recalls.

On that occasion, those from Cupertino proposed integrating a rotating camera in a removable extension of a watch strap with which to take photos and record videos regardless of their position with respect to the device module.

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