When Will The iPhone 14 Be Introduced?

News about the features and other issues of Apple's flagship smartphone iPhone 14 has been leaked for many months, which continues to adorn the news. The latest leak reveals the date of the iPhone 14 launch event.

Apple's affairs monitoring website has revealed that the 14th edition of Apple iPhone will be launched on September 13 this year. The website, citing its sources, said that the company, based in the US state of California, Cupitino, holds all its events on Tuesdays.

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Looking at previous iPhone launches, their launching ceremonies were usually held on a Tuesday in mid-September, which means that this year's event is expected on September 13th. Apple has in the past held iPhone launches at Apple headquarters, but during the global outbreak of Code-19, the company was forced to hold the event online.

According to the website, it is unclear at this time whether Apple will host the event online this year or whether participants will attend in person. According to sources, this has not been decided yet. 

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According to sources, Apple does not want to take any hasty decision in this matter as it has to withdraw its decision due to the increasing number of code cases. Therefore, the company will make a decision shortly before the event. Apple has not confirmed or denied the report.

According to sources, Apple will likely launch four new iPhones at the event. These iPhones include the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

The report described the iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max as "real game changers".

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