TECH NEWS | Apple Releases Latest macOS & Do You See Instagram Photos Vertically?

Apple releases latest macOS betas ahead of WWDC

The new macOS 12.4 arrived relatively soon. You can now download the macOS 12.5 beta.

Following the public release of macOS 12.4 with an astounding 50+ security updates, Apple has released the first beta of macOS 12.5 just weeks before WWDC.

macOS 12.5 Beta 1 is now available via OTA for developers and Apple fans who signed up for the beta process. In addition to being available soon on the Apple developer website. Today's beta comes with build number 21G5027d.

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According to 9to5Mac, the beta testing period is supposed to be very short, and could overlap with the first beta of macOS 13, which will presumably be presented at the upcoming WWDC 2022 on June 6. This latest version of macOS 12.5 does not aim to be the one that brings the most things to Monterey, on the contrary, it will surely focus on security patches and improving any bug that may have been detected.

Do you see Instagram photos vertically? The platform proves to be more like TikTok

The social network is committed to video content and tests with some users a longer interface in which images take up more space.

Instagram  prepares important changes in its appearance. These days the social network is testing a more vertical interface in which images take up more space on the screen. That's because it seeks to become more and more like TikTok.

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On May 3, the director of the platform,  Adam Mosseri, announced on Twitter that the company wants to bet on  videos, a market with more and more weight and in which it will have to compete with giants such as YouTube or the rising Chinese phenomenon.

However, this longer 'feed' is not yet a final decision. That is why this new design is being tested with only a few users. Originally focused on images, Instagram popularized the 4:3 square format.

However, the growing popularity of video – especially since the emergence of TikTok among the youngest – has led the social network to bet on a format similar to the one it already uses for its 'Stories'. That is why in 2020 the platform launched 'Reels', a function practically traced to the Chinese social network. Adopting this more vertical format could be an option to speed up the consumption of these short videos.

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