Social Media: Donald Trump Fails With Lawsuit To Declassify His Twitter Account

A federal judge has dismissed the ex-president's lawsuit against his Twitter ban. Twitter has the right to exclude users from the platform.

Former US President Donald Trump has failed in a lawsuit to have his Twitter account unblocked. A federal judge in the US state of California dismissed a corresponding lawsuit by Trump on Friday. He challenged the lawsuit's argument that the Twitter ban constituted censorship and violated the constitutional right to free speech. Rather, Twitter's terms of service allow the company to block any user account or any content without giving a reason, the judge ruled.

A Future Without Passwords

Twitter is a private company and the First Amendment, which protects freedom of expression, applies to government interference, but not to alleged interference by private companies, the statement said. Twitter blocked Trump's user account two days after the storming of the US Capitol by fans of the President-elect who had been roused by a Trump speech on January 6, 2021. As a reason for the block, the online service stated the risk of "further incitement to violence" through tweets from the ex-president.

Trump had also claimed on Twitter without any evidence that his victory in the November presidential election had been stolen through fraud. He heated up the mood in the country. Twitter, where he was followed by more than 80 million users, was his most important communication platform up to that point.

Billionaire Elon Musk is currently in the process of taking over Twitter and taking  the company public. Musk claims his concern is  freedom of speech, not profit, and that Twitter is not yet realizing its full potential. As such, there is speculation that Musk could allow Trump to return to the platform.

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