If Your Mobile Phone Is Stolen, Do These Five Things First

It may happen to you that you are in a shopping mall for shopping and after a while you feel your pockets and you lose consciousness because your mobile phone is missing.

Shatir thieves can make your mobile phone disappear in the blink of an eye. At the same time, personal documents, personal information and photos in your phone are compromised. Plus, you'll be getting rid of clutter you don't need. If your mobile phone is stolen, here are some tips to help you avoid further damage.

Block the phone immediately

Emilio Simoni, a digital security expert, says that if your cell phone is stolen, the first thing to do is to block the device immediately. It is also important to contact the phone network operator (ie the company whose SIM you are using) and ask them to turn off the SIM so that the phone does not work. You will find out from the operator's website who to contact for this.

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This is also possible with the help of IMEI (International Mobile Device Identification). This is an international registry, through which you can turn off your mobile immediately. Write down the IMEI code in your mobile phone. You will find this number in the device box or mobile phone.

Change your app password

According to Simone, you should change the password of all the apps on your mobile. Otherwise, phone thieves can gain access to your personal and other important information, especially banking apps.

But emails allow social media users to change their passwords via SMS confirmation. Some app tools allow websites to change passwords. It allows you to change everything instantly.

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Social networks like Facebook and Instagram can be changed by going to the Password Security and Login section. You can also change your Gmail password by going to the Personal Information section.

Inform your bank

If your phone is stolen, notify your bank and other financial institutions immediately. Because if you do, banks will be able to block your app on your phone. If criminals are transferring money from your account to a third party account, it will also stop.

Each bank has its own channel for providing this type of service. It is usually mentioned on their website. Bank phone contacts are also available on Google.

Be sure to tell your friends and family

Family and friends must be notified if the phone is stolen. Because criminals can deceive your relatives and friends by finding their contacts on messaging apps or social networks, asking them for money or bank details.

File a complaint with the police

Be sure to lodge a complaint with the police about mobile theft. This will give you proof that your phone has been stolen.

You may also need this proof at a bank, insurance company and some other places. Many times after a mobile phone is stolen, your identity documents in it are also stolen without which you may face problems. The police can question you.

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Therefore, it is necessary to lodge a complaint with the police. After filing a complaint, it becomes the responsibility of the police to investigate the crime.

Police also know where most of the phones are stolen from. This will allow them to alert people in these areas to be vigilant.

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