Twitter Reverses Its Tab System

Twitter has withdrawn the update that gave users the option to switch between the Home tab, generated by algorithms, and the Latest tab, which allows viewing tweets in chronological order.

The intention of this was to pay more attention to the tweets of our mutuals, while on the other hand the more algorithmic - and advertising - aspect of the application was exploited.

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When Twitter released the update on iOS on Thursday as a test, users complained that they were forced to go to the Home tab by default every time they opened the app, making it extremely difficult to view tweets in chronological order. On Monday, Twitter changed the timeline again after significant pushback.

"We've heard you: some of you always want to see the latest tweets first," Twitter said in a tweet from its support account. "We've changed the timeline again and removed the tabbed experience for now while we explore other options."

The fact is that users asked for the return of the chronological timeline, but the company has no interest in this regard since it is more complicated to monetize the application in this way.

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