Google Has Upgraded The App To Compete With WhatsApp

Internet giant Google has announced that it will upgrade its old app Hangouts to Google Chat to give WhatsApp a tough time.

According to international media reports, Google has announced that Hangouts for Google Workspace users will be moved to Google Chat by March 22.

The company advised users to go to the settings option and select Google Chat, after which they will be able to chat with the use of Gmail.

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Google also said that users can chat through the Hangouts website Hangouts.google.com.

According to the company, after the domain upgrade, updates will be sent to the mobile phones which have Hangouts application while the rest of the users will be informed about the new service through email.

Technology experts said that Google will offer Hangouts in a modern way, where the search box and Gmail search will also appear along with the chat, while it can be used on mobile version as well as web version or browser.

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