Tinder Launches Its "Blind Date" Mode For The Most Daring Users

The app keeps updating to bring the best possible content to the platform. This new service will be available in "discovery" mode.

Tinder has launched a new feature that could bring back dating memories from another era. It's a new quick chat experience called Blind Date that matches members before allowing them to view each other's profiles. Tinder says its purpose is to give users a "way to put personality before looks," since they'll have to use conversation to make a first impression.

The mod matches people based on their answers to random icebreaker questions, which are usually very non- personal. Participants then enter a timed chat. If they end up hitting it off after the timer runs out, their profiles will reveal each other.

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Tinder says that members who used Blind Date achieved 40 percent more matches than those who used other features.

It could be a great way to meet new people that you would not otherwise have met. But it could also be a very harsh experience since you could receive "ghosting" once it is discovered what your profile is like.

The app's new Blind Date feature is available on "Explore" in the US and is coming soon to all users worldwide, including the UK.

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