SpaceX Shows How The Takeoff Of Its Starship Should Be

The video shows the ideal vision of what the launch would look like. Starship is being a headache for SpaceX.

Elon Musk has shown off SpaceX's first major Starship upgrade in years, and during his presentation, the company showed what a launch with the Mass Launch System would look like. The Starship system is made up of the Starship spacecraft itself on top of a Super Heavy booster.

SpaceX is working to make it fast and completely reusable so launches to the Moon and Mars are feasible. After leaving our planet, the booster will separate and return to its launch tower, where it will ideally be caught by the arms of the tower. As for the spacecraft, it will proceed to its destination before returning to Earth.

James Webb Telescope: The first image

Musk has claimed that the booster will spend six minutes in the air in total, two on the ascent and four on its return trip. In the future, the system could be reused every six to eight hours for three launches a day. SpaceX says achieving a fully reusable system quickly is "key to a future where humanity can explore the stars."

The Super Heavy booster, according to Musk, has more than twice the thrust of a Saturn V, the largest rocket ever headed for space. In its current version, it has 29 Raptor engines, but soon it could have 33.

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