iPhone: Can You Shot A Movie With An iPhone? Apple And A Great Director Show That Yes!

The company shows off its powerful camera along with the legendary Park Chan-Wook. They thus show that in expert hands great things can be done with the iPhone 13 Pro camera.

Apple has commissioned famous Korean director Park Chan-wook to create a short film as part of its "Made on iPhone" campaign.

Park, perhaps best known for the well-known action thriller Oldboy, used an iPhone 13 Pro to shoot a 20-minute fantasy martial arts movie titled Life Is But a Dream, which the tech giant released on YouTube.

The film opens with horror elements after an undertaker digs a grave to steal a coffin and awakens the ghost of a soldier, who then awakens the ghost of a hero who died after saving the village from the undertaker.

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After that, it turns into a mix of action, romance, dark comedy, dance, and pansori, a Korean genre of musical storytelling. Apple also released a behind-the-scenes clip alongside the short film showing Park and his team using an iPhone 13 Pro on stabilizer structures created for the shoot.

The film crew specifically praised the phone's ability to quickly change focus, blur the background, and shoot in low light.

In the images of making of which were released alongside the film, Park said it's a story he's always wanted to tell and didn't have a specific camera in mind when he conceptualized it.

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