Google's ChromeOS Operating System Comes To Mac And PC

It can be downloaded from the Google website, although it is still in beta, and can be installed or run directly from a USB memory.

Google will now allow Mac and PC users to install its operating system, ChromeOS, on their machines. The company has announced a new version of this system, ChromeOS Flex, designed above all to give old computers a second life.

Until now, the only way to use ChromeOS, an operating system based on Linux but tied to Google services and products, was to have a Chromebook, a low-priced laptop that Google, along with other computer manufacturers such as Acer or HP, has focused mainly on the educational market.

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This operating system consumes very few resources and is designed to always be used with an Internet connection. One of its main advantages is that all user information is always in the cloud, so it doesn't matter which machine is used, when the username and password are entered, the desktop adapts to each specific user. This feature makes it especially useful in business or educational settings, where machines are often shared between users.

ChromeOS Flex is based on the same principle. It installs in a few minutes on laptops and desktops that are already a few years old and that may have a hard time moving a modern operating system. The operating system philosophy is the same as ChromeOS on a Chromebook. Most of the applications are designed to be used "in the cloud" and almost all the interaction with the different programs and utilities takes place through the web browser (Chrome, obviously). 

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Google has added the ability to install some Android apps in recent years, but ChromeOS Flex support for these apps may be limited depending on your device's hardware. Once installed, your PC or Mac behaves much like a Chromebook, and that means sysadmins at a school or business can manage it alongside everyone else.

The operating system can be downloaded from the Google website, although it is still in beta, and can be installed or even run directly from a USB stick.

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