Facebook Messenger: A Screenshot Alert Feature To Facebook Messenger

Another great feature of Facebook Messenger is the screenshot detection that will be available soon.

This feature will be helpful for users and will be notified when a screenshot is taken via notification.

This will let users know that a screenshot of their conversation has not been taken and will be available for all chats, including end-to-end chats.

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According to the company's blog post, we think it's important that you use encrypted chats and feel safe, so if anyone takes a screenshot of the disruptive messages, let us know.

WhatsApp users are also waiting for this feature and it is likely that it will be introduced in WhatsApp after Messenger. Earlier, Messenger also introduced end-to-end encrypted audio and video calls for all users.

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Similarly for encrypted chats most of the features of the service like reactions, stickers, message reply and forward etc. are being made part of encrypted chats.

Similarly, users will now be able to save photos and videos in these chats and also edit media files before sending them.

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