3D Emojis For Windows 11 Will Be Released Soon

A Microsoft designer says his company is still working on 3D emojis. Innumerable emojis with three-dimensional (3D) effects will be present in WindowsZalion this time.

Microsoft designer Nando Costa has said that unique emojis will be offered this time. According to him, the hackathon of 2020 and later many users had suggested 3D emojis to Microsoft, but according to Costa, if they do not come in the next Windows, they will continue to work on them.

In contrast, other sources insist they will be part of Windows XI, but Microsoft technicians have said that 2D emoji should not be left out as it can work on any platform. And it doesn't matter what their display is.

A Screenshot Alert

Nando Costa says 3D emojis will be used to express human feelings and emotions, including hairstyles, facial expressions and other expressions.

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