WhatsApp Started Working On 3 Great Features

WhatsApp, the world's most popular mobile messaging app, has begun work on three new and exciting features.

A report by WA Beta Info, an organization that monitors WhatsApp updates and features, states that the company is testing new options or features for the convenience of its customers, which users with a beta version may use in the first phase.

Option to close 'Last Scene' on special numbers

Using the 'Last Scene' option in WhatsApp, not all people in WhatsApp contacts know when they were 'offline' or when they were online for the last time, but now a feature is being worked on which Under this you will be able to open this option for special numbers of your choice.

Emoji reaction to WhatsApp messages

Just like the reaction of emojis on a Facebook post or a comment, WhatsApp users are now being given this facility under which they will be able to give e-Act (response) to messages.

Instagram 'Reels' on WhatsApp

In the future, users of the messaging app will be able to watch Instagram's 'Reels' live on WhatsApp.

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