Apple Posts Record Sales Of $124 Billion

Despite the delivery bottlenecks due to the corona pandemic, Apple posted record numbers in the Christmas quarter. The group is also benefiting from the trend towards more home offices.

Despite delivery bottlenecks and a lack of chips, the Apple Group achieved the highest sales in its history in the fourth quarter of 2021.

Compared to the previous quarter, it rose by 11.5 percent to almost 124 billion US dollars, as the technology company announced. Net income increased 19 percent to $34.6 billion. 

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Revenue grew in all product categories except iPads. Almost 60 percent of the increase can be attributed to iPhone sales. Software and other digital services such as subscriptions to the in-house streaming services Apple TV or Apple Music also increased.

Apple was one of the few smartphone providers to launch a new model with the iPhone 13 during the Christmas season. Morgan Stanley estimates that Apple sold around 83 million iPhones in the past quarter.

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In addition to smartphones, Macs are also in demand during the pandemic with the trend towards hybrid work between the office and home office. Here sales increased by a quarter to $10.9 billion.

Apple CEO Tim Cook was optimistic that problems in global supply chains would improve. Analysts had previously expressed concern that the current difficulties in the chip industry would reduce sales. They were now surprised at how Apple was able to achieve these results with its supply chain.

The group had only recently reached a market value of more than three trillion dollars as the first worldwide.

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