'Meta' : The United States Wants To Force Meta To Sell Instagram Or WhatsApp

The United States has accused Facebook of buying companies to eliminate potential competitors. The FTC will take 'Meta' to court on a monopoly issue.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was given the go-ahead to take Facebook to court over antitrust rules. 

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The competition and consumption regulator is trying to get Facebook, now called Meta, to sell Instagram and WhatsApp. An earlier version of the same action failed last year for lack of details.

The FTC has since reviewed the case and a federal judge said the claim is now "much stronger" and can move forward. 

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Meta said he was confident that he would prevail in court. The FTC's claim revolves around the idea that Facebook had systematically bought out rivals to eliminate competition, effectively granting itself a monopoly.

Key examples were Instagram and WhatsApp, which Facebook acquired in 2012 and 2014. The FTC was seeking "divestment" - the sale of those companies to eliminate the alleged monopoly.

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In considering the case in June 2021, Judge James Boasberg said the FTC had not provided justification for its delay in investigating the matter or provided sufficient evidence to support its claims.

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