This Is How You Should Clean Your Computer From Dust, Dirt And Liquids That Have Spilled

Laptops and desktops need regular cleaning both inside and out to avoid performance problems and component deterioration.

Sometimes it is forgotten that the desktop computer collects dust and dirt that is suspended throughout the house. You are so used to its presence that it is normal to forget that it also requires minimal maintenance and that perhaps you have not opened it in years to remove dust from the fans. Also, if you have pets, the problem multiplies, so cleaning should be something more common and unavoidable.

Nor should we forget that the computer has peripherals, that is, a keyboard, mouse or headphones that also get dirty with use and that from time to time have to be reviewed. This compilation of tips to keep things clean and up to date covers all levels, from cleaning crumbs and dried coffee from your keyboard to changing thermal paste. If you don't feel comfortable digging through the guts of your computer, leave the most difficult to a technical service professional.


The first step is to turn off the computer, even if you are cleaning a peripheral. It does not make much sense to walk around playing the keys, accidentally pressing anything. 

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Then get yourself a basic tool kit , which basically consists of isopropyl alcohol at 90% or more, a dust trap, microfiber cloth, swabs or ear buds, compressed air spray (or failing that, a blower knob), a soft bristle brush and a vacuum cleaner.


When it comes to crappy computer components, these two will probably win the prize. In the end, they are devices exposed to the environment that we also do not stop playing, leaving fat, sweat and skin scales on their surface and between the keys and buttons.

To clean the mouse, start by blowing between the joints with the knob, especially in the lower part, since the dirt will be compressed there as we have dragged the mouse to move the cursor. Then rub it with a microfiber cloth moistened with the alcohol.

For the keyboard, if it is mechanical, it is best to remove the keys to clean in depth, as well as remove dust and crumbs from the base of the keyboard. In the event that the keys are not removable or you do not want to spend a long time with the process, there is a kind of plasticine, slime, ecological cleaner and non-toxic, which, when sticking it through the keyboard, will trap dirt and particles, whatever its size.

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To clean the computer case, use the swabs or swabs moistened with alcohol and insert them into the connection slots, so it is recommended to remove the cables for deep cleaning.  

Then open the tower and with the knob or the compressed air spray , remove the dust that will be on the fans, including those of the graph, and on the power supply. Also take the opportunity to clean the motherboard with a soft bristle brush.

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It is important to remember that the thermal paste that is in the CPU, after time dries, so it is advisable to clean the old one with alcohol and swabs. Wait for the surface to dry and apply the new thermal paste (try not to go overboard so that it does not overflow).  

If you maintain these cleaning habits every 6 months or a year (depending on where you have the computer located and if you have cats or dogs at home), you will notice that the computer heats up less, so in the long run you will be increasing the years of life from your desktop computer.

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