Instagram Wants To Keep Its Users Away From 'Themselves' For A While

Instagram users, a photo-sharing app owned by Meta (Facebook's new name), seem to be spending so much time on it that they now want people to give up social media for a while.

That's why Instagram is testing a new feature, Tech A Break.

This was stated by Instagram CEO Adam Museri on November 10.

This new feature will remind users to leave the app after a certain time. Take a 20 or 30 minute break.

The notification will indicate several ways to take a break, such as taking a few deep breaths, writing down your thoughts, listening to a favorite song, or more.

According to Adam Missouri, the new feature will be available to all users in December and it will be up to users to decide whether to turn it on or not.

In October 2021, Nick Clegg, vice president of global affairs at Meta, promised that a new feature called 'Take a Break' would be introduced on Instagram.

The purpose of this feature is to encourage young people to stop using social networks for a while.

At the time, they did not say when the feature would be available, but said it was intended to protect against app addiction and other harmful behaviors.

The official added that young people would be warned by the company to stay away from content in social media apps that could be harmful to their personality.

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