WhatsApp Introduce A New Feature For Users

WhatsApp has decided to introduce a new feature for its users in which WhatsApp status can be viewed during video calls.

According to a report by Webinfo, this feature is present in the latest update of WhatsApp. This update is available in the Google Play Beta program. This updated version is called

WhatsApp's latest update can work on Android mobile phones. For some users this feature is available in

Earlier, the team of developers and Beta Info had said that WhatsApp is working on some important features in its application. WhatsApp is working to keep the Last Scene option hidden from certain contacts. At the moment, WhatsApp's Last Scene option is either hidden from all contacts or visible to everyone.

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 This feature will further enhance the privacy of WhatsApp. Some users of the Last Scene option are currently undergoing beta testing. However, there is no official word from WhatsApp.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app, is introducing two new features for the desktop version. According to WhatsApp Beta Info, the new features allow users to easily manage call notifications using the app on the desktop.

The first feature is related to "New Call Notification" and "Turn off all desktop incoming calls" which helps the user to control the option of call notification. Is about information.

In addition, the company has decided to correct the flaws in the feature of deleting erroneously sent messages from other windows in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp has long had a feature for deleting accidentally sent messages from other people's windows, but one of the drawbacks of this feature called Delete for Every One is that if the sent message is not deleted in a limited time. Then there is no benefit.

The sender of the message on WhatsApp has about 1 hour to remove the message but the company has now decided to resolve this issue.

According to WhatsApp's site that keeps track of updates, the time limit for Delete for Every One in the messaging app is being extended. The report states that a new feature is being tested in the new beta version of the Android app.

This feature eliminates the time limit for deleting messages, meaning users will be able to delete messages that are months old from other people's chat windows.

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