Apple Speeds Up Work On Self-Driving Car

Apple has accelerated the development of an electric vehicle capable of automatic driving.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has once again focused on the automatic driving capability of the car in this project. Rumors of Apple making the car have been circulating for some time.

A number of Apple executives left the company in 2020. Similarly, Apple had obstructed negotiations on battery supply agreements with two major Chinese battery companies.

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A Reuters report in December 2020 stated that Apple could start production of its electric vehicles by 2024. At the heart of this car will be its battery with a 'revolutionary' monocell design.

Thanks to this battery, the company will have the opportunity to add more dynamic material to PowerL, which will facilitate longer distances on a single charge.

Apple is also working on the possibility of using lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery chemistry.

LFP power cells are not hotter than others and do not require cobalt. "It's going to be brand new, just like the first time people saw it on an iPhone," the source told Apple News, citing Apple's battery technology.

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The car may also have a number of lidar sensors to sense the surroundings, which were also given in this year's iPhone 12 Pro models.

The report further states that the company will seek the help of an external partner to manufacture the vehicle.

Tesla is currently investing in the manufacture of electric vehicles and automated driving software, while other companies such as Ford and General Motors are also working on such vehicles.

Note that Apple has never publicly acknowledged working on Titan.

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