Philippi II: This Robot Can Make Fast Delicious Burgers For You

Any busy burger shop always needs a support worker. Now this need can be met by a high speed robot named Philippi II.

A company called Myso Robot has introduced its new robot model in this regard under the name of Philippi Two. Its first model was launched at several Castle Hamburger stores in Chicago, where it was very successful.

On the other hand, this robot can also solve the severe shortage of support staff. The United States and Europe are short of staff due to the global epidemic of covid-19. Interestingly, thanks to artificial intelligence, a few robots can run the whole fries and burger shop together.

Due to economic hardship and code, food has become more expensive, working hours have shrunk and the menu has been reduced. The first model of the burger robot was made in 2017 and the second modern model has been developed. Working on the basis of computer vision and artificial intelligence, this robot continues its work in hot oil, tight spaces and other difficulties. But one or two human leaders are needed. This makes the whole shop work easier.

The robot system also has an autobin option where chopped onions, meat carcasses and other items can be placed and picked up. A robotic arm can quickly pick up vegetables and cheese without mixing objects.

The Philip II robot can handle 60 baskets in an hour and can save up to 50% of time. It needs very little space to do its job. The robot can carefully pick up the kebabs and turn them over. According to Myso, his invention has a worldwide market of 280 billion.

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