iPhone | The First Original iPhone Is Worth Much More Today Than You Think

In places like eBay, it fetches outrageous prices. If you have that new mobile and in its box, its value shoots up.

Apple has a great legacy behind it, with successful devices of all types. But in the market in which they have stood out the most has been in the mobile market thanks to their revolutionary iPhone. The first mobile of this series hit the market in 2007 and became a device at the forefront of mobile technology, being a benchmark for many competing brands. And Apple has managed to take that not only to mobile phones, but to other fields such as the computer world.

Due to everything that the iPhone brand has meant since its inception, as it usually happens, the first Apple mobile devices have been greatly appreciated. As they have collected and shared on the portalApplesfera,have already been found on portals such as eBayOriginal iPhone that fetch a price of almost 27,000 euros. Of course, this price has been reached by a mobile that was new and was in its original box.

In case you have an iPhone in a drawer that is brand new but the box is already open, the price is almost 3,000 dollars, and we remember that the original price of the 1st generation iPhone was about 500 dollars. Without a doubt, something to keep in mind if you got the first iPhone and have it stored somewhere being totally new.

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