The United States Navy Halves A Frigate In Tests

A new video shows the firepower that the United States Navy and Marines brought in to sink a warship during their recent Large Scale Exercise 2021 (LSE 21). The two services sent the USS to the bottom of the sea. Ingraham, shooting at him from all directions, but it was the shot from the water that literally split the ship's back.

LSE 21 is a global naval exercise involving 25,000 Sailors and Marines and more than 25 ships. 

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The exercise was designed to test a new naval operating concept, known as Distributed Maritime Operations, that allows fleet commanders to control groups of aircraft carriers and amphibians, as well as individual ships, over vast areas. Under DMO, these individual assets can operate separately to cover more ocean, but come together to generate massive overwhelming firepower against an enemy target.

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LSE 21 included a SINKEX or sinking exercise. A SINKEX basically involves towing a decommissioned ship out to sea and then sinking it with firepower. This gives the Navy the ability to fully test the weapons.

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