Instagram Longer Stories | The Decision To Solve The Problem Of Users Uploading Videos To Instagram

Instagram is  likely to announce a very important and useful feature for its users this week. 

When you post a video on the Instagram Store, the video, which lasts more than 15 seconds, splits into more pieces, according to Webba Info, a website that tracks changes to WhatsApp and other social media applications. This is because Instagram only supports videos up to 15 seconds long on its story.

But now Instagram is likely to offer a solution to this long-standing problem for its users this week. Mobile developer Alessandro Plozzi, who posted the news about Instagram on his Twitter profile before the official release, said that the video duration on Instagram Stories is being increased from 15 seconds to 60 seconds (one minute) and soon Users will be able to use this feature.

People eager to upload videos on Instagram have expressed happiness over the news of Alessandro and have started speculating on the release date. However, Instagram has not yet announced the official release date of the update, but it is hoped that Instagram will announce the update for Android and iOS users this week.

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