Google | New Features Of Gmail

Gmail is the world's most popular email service, and Google has made it even better.

Google has introduced several new features in the web version of Gmail in a blog post announcing what.

Now you can more easily see the full name and e-mail of the person to whom you send the e-mail from the right click menu on 2, CC and BCC in an e-mail, edit the contact name, copy the e-mail address and Its information card can also be opened.

You will now be able to make a more accurate assessment of another user by looking at their avatar chips while adding them.

The company has also improved the visual indicators to guide consumers in composing emails.

Each user will now have their own avatar chip that will help you identify who you are sending email to.

Google has also made it easier to identify contacts outside of your office colleagues, and such individuals will be highlighted in dark yellow in Gmail.

Similarly, different domain names of a single entity will no longer be considered external.

Users will now also see a checkmark that will indicate a user who has already been added to the email so that there is no duplication.

In fact, duplicate entries in Gmail will now be automatically removed.

Gmail will now show an error message to alert users before sending an e-mail if the e-mail address is incorrect.

The company has begun introducing these features to users, but the company says that for now they will be available to Google Workspace, G Suite Basic and Business customers and will not have access to personal accounts.

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