Facebook Is Facing A Strange Problem

Facebook is facing a strange problem these days and it is to find out the actual number of users on its platform.

The claim was made in a report by the Wall Street Journal.

The report, based on Facebook's internal documents, said the social network was having a hard time determining the number of active users because multiple people had multiple accounts.

A report released by the company in the spring of this year states that there is a strong possibility that the new accounts will belong to people who already have accounts on social networks.

The report added that when Facebook checked 5,000 recent sign-ups, it found that 32 to 56 percent of the accounts were created by users who already had accounts on the social network.

Similarly, another memo from May 2021 reportedly found that the number of active users in the United States in the third decade of age is much higher than the total population of that age.

This suggests that the number of active Facebook users on a daily basis is not very reliable.

According to the report, the uncertainty regarding the number of customers could affect the authenticity of the details shared by the company with the advertising companies.

"It's not a revelation that we're researching users with more than one account, but the report doesn't tell the whole story," a Facebook spokesman said.

The correspondent said that the estimates of duplicate accounts have been changed in the report.

Facebook bans people who have multiple personal accounts because the company identifies itself as a real identity platform.

The Wall Street Journal reports that most users create more than one account because their main accounts are locked out or they have trouble signing in.

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