Hacker Attack || Stolen Cryptocurrency Partially Returned

Around half of the $ 600 million worth of cryptocurrency stolen in a hack attack on an online platform  has now been returned. The platform affected by the theft, Poly Network, reported on Twitter that it has now recovered deposits worth $ 260 million.

A large part of the digital currency will continue to disappear. However, the hacker could want to point out weaknesses in the technical protocol of Poly Network.

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This is also outlined by Tom Robinson, co-founder of Elliptic, a London-based blockchain analytics and compliance company, who investigated the cybercriminal's publicly available remittances. Robinson published a three-page question and answer session on Twitter, which the hacker had noted in the form of an interview with himself.

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In this text the hacker writes that he is not very interested in the money - he has had enough of it. He always planned to return the amounts - the theft was supposed to reveal the weaknesses in Poly Network's software.

"I know it hurts when people are attacked, but shouldn't they learn something from these hacks?" The hacker wrote on the notes. He transferred the tokens to keep them safe, but didn't sell any of them. The transfer of the values back was not done immediately in full because he needed time to talk to Poly Network.

According to Robinson, money laundering is difficult with such a large amount of value due to blockchain technology. Thefts from so-called decentralized financial platforms had already reached a record level before the incident. The largely unregulated services enable users to trade with one another in values   such as Bitcoin without the need for exchanges or banks. 

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