The Digital Age Isn't Making Us Stupid

Older, medium and little. To all or any folks on quite one occasion they need surely told us that we were getting to be stupid playing Martians, using the smartphone or spending more hours than we should always ahead of the PC.

Now, when a nosy loved one, friend or stranger tells you that you are going to be stupid for spending longer than usual using technology, you'll tell them that science contradicts them.

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It is a study from the University of Cincinnati , in Canada, demonstrates and confirms that "there is not any scientific evidence that shows that smartphones and digital technology damage our biological cognitive abilities."

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Anthony Chemero, professor of philosophy and psychology at the University of Cincinnati, has published the conclusions of his study within the scientific journal Nature Human Behavior. Chemero and his team strive to elucidate how digital evolution is in a position to enrich human thinking, helping us to excel.

If you set all this technology along side a person's brain, the result's that we, supplemented thereupon technology, are ready to perform far more complex tasks than we could with our uncomplemented biological capabilities

Technological evolution, consistent with a study by the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto  technology is capable of accelerating our decision-making skills.

We are ready to use it to maximise our potency as a species.


What science did confirm an extended time ago is that technology produces harmful effects on another, especially physical, a part of our body. Technology is in our day to day and if it's not utilized in the right way, as confirmed by the study by the University of Cincinnati, it can have negative consequences.

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The most common physical damage caused to our body by the abuse of screens and technology are headaches, FOMO syndrome -obsession to be connected all day-, insomnia , sleep-texting , techno - stress, phantom vibration syndrome, anxiety ...

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All these, additionally to the classic neck and back problems caused by poor posture in daily use of computers, tablets and screens generally.

In addition to those mentioned, problems associated with hearing and sight also are very frequent after years of using technology, headphones ... without proper control or care.

Regarding hearing, the misuse of the technology that we make use of to breed music, podcasts or radio, causes us to be exposed to excessively high volumes.

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