Richard Branson 'Wins' Millionaires' Space Race

British Richard Branson got Sunday July 11, 2021 his dream of traveling to the space aboard a plane from his own company, Virgin Galactic , after taking off from the desert of New Mexico and get over 80 kilometers high.

The businessman has become the first of those who are part of "the space race of millionaires ", as the US media have called the space initiatives headed by Jeff Bezos , until a few days ago executive director of the giant Amazon, and Elon Musk , founder of the electric car firm Tesla.

Richard Branson: "It was magical"

Branson , 70, played down the issue, assuring that there is no such race, and even Musk, founder of the private firm SpaceX , was one of those attending the takeoff this Sunday in New Mexico and I even wish him good luck in a Twitter message.

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Richard Branson was very happy after the trip: 

I have dreamed of this moment since I was a child , but nothing could have prepared me for the view of the Earth from space. It was magical

I had the honor of testing the incredible experience aboard Virgin Galactic's VSS Unity spacecraft as part of this crew of mission specialists, and now astronauts

the businessman acknowledged to journalists and members of Virgin Galactic, the firm he founded. in 2004 to carry out commercial flights into space.

Branson had no words to express his feelings: 

How you feel when you look at the Earth is impossible to put into words, it is an indescribable beauty. I can't wait for all of you to get there

Finally, the British businessman wanted to thank everyone who has supported his project: 

I want to thank everyone who believed in Virgin Galactic and the team that has worked so hard to make this dream come true

And thank you to my amazing family : my beautiful wife Joan, Holly and Sam, our grandchildren and all our friends for everything. I love you

Bezos says Branson flight is not high enough

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos , who will also fly into space in a few days on the New Shepard spacecraft designed and built by his company Blue Origin, pointed out before Branson's success that Virgin Galatic's aren't exactly space planes.

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The creator of the largest retail company in the world asserted that it is accepted worldwide that above the imaginary Karman line, located 62 miles (99.7 km) from Earth, is outer space and below the atmosphere. land.

This Sunday, however, he also reduced the differences and congratulated the also philanthropist for his adventure. "Congratulations on the flight. I can't wait to join the club!" Bezos wrote on his Instagram account.

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