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The login information of some iOS users would have been extracted by hackers

Apple's security has once again been vulnerable due to a new exploit developed by the SolarWinds hackers themselves. And it is that although the company has been fortifying its ecosystem for years, the ways of injecting malicious code into devices has also evolved, finding us more and more curious ways. This time the users have been affected, as the login information of iOS users would have been extracted.

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The threat has been detected through the Google Threat Analysis Group. A zero-day exploit has reportedly broken into systems running iOS 14, allowing hackers to redirect users to domains running malicious code. However, this exploit also appears to have harmed Windows users. These hackers collaborated with the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, who attacked numerous devices of the United States Agency for International Development. An investigation carried out by the aforementioned analysis group revealed that it was the same group of hackers. This exploit has been identified as " CVE-2021-1879, "and in addition to logging in to iOS users, they have also got Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Facebook or Yahoo service credentials.

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The attack targeted European government officials with iOS devices, accessing through Safari. In the last year, the number of these types of attacks has increased. As always, it is recommended to keep the devices that we use in our day to day updated.

Instagram admits it did not properly moderate racist comments

Instagram has admitted that an error in its algorithm did not identify the racist comments and emojis . These comments come after the men's final of Euro 2020 against black English footballers: Bukayo Saka, Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho.

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Instagram chief Adam Mosseri claimed that the content had been "mistakenly" identified within the guidelines rather than sent to human moderators. The problem has now been fixed, he stated. "We have technology to try to prioritize the reports and we were wrongly marking some of these as comments as benign, which they are not at all," he told British media BBC News.

“The problem has been addressed since then. Reports on such comments should [now] be properly reviewed. "Following Mosseri's comments on Wednesday night, several more racist comments and emojis were reported, but no notification was received of the results of any reviews. A quick look at Saka's account reveals many more racist comments that have yet to be reported and removed.

WhatsApp blocks two million accounts in India

WhatsApp has said that it blocked more than two million accounts in India in May and June for violating the rules. The service claimed that 95% of these users were blocked for violating limits on the number of times messages can be forwarded in India. The submissions were made by WhatsApp in its first monthly compliance report under India's controversial new IT rules.

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India is the largest WhatsApp market with around 400 million users. The Facebook-owned messaging service said its "main objective" has been to prevent Indian accounts from sending harmful or unwanted messages on a large scale. Using advanced machine learning technology, WhatsApp bans about eight million accounts worldwide each month.

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Two million accounts in India sending a "high and abnormal rate of messages" were banned in India alone between May 15 and June 15, the service said. The service identifies an Indian account as one with a phone number +91 (country code). The Facebook-owned app often ends up being the focus of discussions about spreading misinformation and fake news in India.

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