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Donald Trump is suing Twitter, Facebook and Google

Former US President Donald Trump is suing Twitter, Facebook and Google for banning him from their platforms. He is calling for his accounts to be restored quickly, said the 75-year-old. Trump announced that he would also go to court against the heads of the corporations - Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai. Facebook , Twitter and the Google video platform YouTube had banned the then president after radical Trump supporters stormed the Capitol. They blamed Trump for the violence and saw a threat to further attacks. The Republican, on the other hand, who spoke out at his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, accuses the Internet companies of censorship. Trump should remain banned on Facebook at least until the beginning of 2023, Twitter even sees no way back for the former president. Twitter, where more than 80 million users followed Trump, has long been the most important communication platform for him. Facebook had initially blocked Trump's account until further notice. The independent supervisory body of the online network later complained that the Facebook rules did not provide for an indefinite ban . That is why Trump is now suspended on Facebook for two years, with the deadline running since the beginning of January this year. Then Facebook wants to re-weigh whether the ex-president still poses a threat. Google's video platform YouTube also does not want Trump to allow it again until it no longer sees a risk to public safety, but did not name a period for this.

The Pentagon's 'Sword of Armageddon' will fly very soon

The Pentagon's next ICBM will begin test flights in 2023, the US Air Force announced. The Ground-Based Strategic Deterrence (GBSD) missile will replace the existing Minuteman III in the Pentagon's nuclear strike force and provide a rapid-response nuclear system that can reach almost any point on Earth in a matter of minutes. But critics of the program suggest the United States could save billions by relying on older missiles. GBSD will form the land branch of the United States strategic deterrent, also known as the nuclear triad, which also includes B-2 and B-52 bombers and class submarines. Ohio equipped with Trident II D-5 nuclear missiles. GBSD will replace the Minuteman III ICBM, which debuted in 1970. Although the Air Force has constantly improved the Minuteman IIIs, the missiles and their infrastructure (there are 400 missiles located in reinforced silos scattered throughout the west) are nearing the end of their useful life. Missiles and their support systems, now in their fifth decade, are increasingly difficult to maintain.

North Korea's tank isn't the best in the world

A new article claims that the North Korean People's Army's Pokpung-ho IV main battle tank has the " most terrible firepower in the world ." A closer examination of the tank, however, reveals a tank that does not live up to its name "Storm Tiger", the literal translation of Pokpung-ho. North Korea is a country with very limited resources as it is isolated by the great world powers such as the United States and its allies. Despite this, the notoriously secretive nation has amassed an impressive arsenal of nuclear weapons and missiles that has largely eclipsed its previously impressive conventional forces. One of the most recent developments in North Korean ground forces is the Pokpung-ho IV, also known as Songun 915. North Korea has developed eleven types of tanks in the last 40 years, many of which are improvements to the previous design. North Korea develops upgraded versions as it masters the technology already in service around the world. This means that the Pyonyang Tank Corps is constantly in the rear in tank development.

The United States declares that it will not have 'Space Marines'

Bad news for fans of the Alien's movies and Warhammer 40,000 video games. In a conference sponsored by the United States Navy, it has been stated that the country will not have Space Marines in the style of those seen in the two aforementioned science fiction productions. One in the cinematographic section and the other in the video game industry. According to both, the 'Space Marines' are an assault unit used to intervene on other planets with a large arsenal of the latest generation at their disposal. As stated by the navy at the conference, this will not come true due to how complex it would be to first take troops into space, equip them and train them for such missions. For now, fans will have to settle for the United States having a Space Force from 2019 . However, nothing is final, and the US authorities will not reveal anything in this regard. It is not the first time that the North American country says or affirms something and then does or say the opposite. Surely in the distant future, when the space industry is as developed as the automobile industry, the countries of Earth will need to use armies in space.

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